BC WAS TASKED TO CREATIVELY DIRECT 'Awkward' for both the Console/PC games and the physical card game (Branding). BC created the main character 'Wick' and ENGINEERED the STORY for the Awkward 1 & 2 CONSOLE/PC GAME. Focusing on the GAMES CORE OBJECTIVESTestING your friendships, discoverING hidden truths, and creatING memories that will leave you and your friends talking (and laughing) for days. This wildly irreverent series delivers a unique blend of gut-busting humor, cringe-inducing scenarios, and playful insults, all wrapped around a core of social awkwardness.
PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: 3D (lighting, modelling, texturing, animating), comping, animation, editing, CREATIVE DIRECTION Illustrations, SCRIPT WRITING, digital, Logo Design, BRANDING, ADVERTS, PACKAGING, Story and Character Design.